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Digital Printing at Treviso – Printmateria
Technical area

Technical area and downloads

This page includes notes and documents deemed useful for preparing files for printing or other processing forms. For any other request or information, please contact us through the formor facebook, or by directly contacting the company.

File PreparationColour ProfilesPolystyreneSpecial Processes
Please refer to these notes for general information that is valid in most cases.

Here you can download a Pdf created for our internal use but with useful suggestions for the correct management of colorimetry and the profile we use.

Coming soon on-line.
For everything related to special processes such as, for example:
  • Milling
  • Cutting of panels and other materials
  • Coupling of prints
  • Printing techniques
  • Display units
  • Plexyglass items

You may contact us through our on-line or direct channels for more specific information.
We will find the best solution to meet your needs.

Please note the the following:
· Remember to provide the files with sufficient overhang according to the required machining.
· Pre-spaces require vector files in Illustrator format
· Convert Pantons into their CMYK values

If in doubt, please contact us before defining the graphics and we will suggest the best method to ensure your results.