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Shaping Content

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19 April 2018

Now ideas are also expressed in three dimensions.

Beyond the boundaries of printed surfaces, towards the new communication paths.

Sometimes images are not enough and more space is needed to express ideas and to get in absolute tune with the contents you wish to make known.
Communication is shaped and enriched with meaning: Printmateria shapes the elements and combines “Shape to content” in perfect harmony, as a result of its avant-garde technology and marked sensitivity towards new communication paths.

“Shape to content” gives life to milled and die-cut three-dimensional products able to meet the needs of all creative ideas: shapes, containers, totems, supports, furniture elements, indoor and outdoor advertising structures are just some of the possible creations of 3D plastic shapes that Printmateria creates.

At Printmateria we also build stylised mannequins and statues, and we breathe life into your imagination, with incredibly precise finishes: we have also taken the words of Leonardo Da Vinci and made them three-dimensional: “Details make perfection and perfection is not a detail”.

By “Shaping content”, we give your projects the depth that their originality deserves. Cutting-edge techniques, constant innovation of skills and specific attention to the evolution of trends and needs: this is how we allow all your ideas the absolute freedom to take shape.

immagine in evidenza