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Printmateria’s “Beauty is useful” Service

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1 July 2019

Forms of communication have evolved over time, PrintMateria does not simply communicate but finds new methods to do so by investing energy, professionalism and carrying out research for future languages to propose real tools to take your breath away.
Great insights, new discoveries that become market trends are born from visions. Imagination can change man’s habits and life.


Think about what an environment can become by using flexible surfacing film for very high quality and resistant surface finishes. Printmateria is the ideal partner for restyling environments in a very short time. In one night, on a dry construction site, we upgrade large areas of living space. You supply the ideas and we’ll take care of the rest.
Surfacing films are ideal for renovating hotel rooms, halls, corridors, glossy spaces and can easily radically transform any type of living space. They are high-tech products and must be managed in a highly professional manner. PrintMateria is able to combine speed and reliability for on-site execution.

Printmateria explores the world of cardboard. A new world that offers multiple application opportunities. A material that can be used for load-bearing structures, real furnishings, with an eco-compatible soul, both economical and creative, capable of surprising those who believe it to be a fragile material. Cardboard obtained with stratified processes is ideal for creating products of a great aesthetic impact, functionality and surprising freshness. It is an excellent material for dazzling even in terms of investment.
Display systems, point of sale accessories, turnkey furnishing systems are just a few examples of what we have achieved with cardboard. The next project to be carried out will be a further step forward in appreciating the versatile features of this material.

TO SHOW. Show, persuade, convince. Use any strategies or techniques to get noticed. Paper, cardboard, forex, laser-cut or sculpted polystyrene, prints on plexiglass and lenticular film are part of what PrintMateria creates for display systems that have turned the most beautiful shop windows in important cities into a truly extraordinary show.

Large-format printing seems to be available to everyone; its availability on a daily basis almost makes one forget how complex this process is.
Noi di PrintMateria cerchiamo di percepire altre opportunità, nuovi orizzonti, scenari professionali tanto nuovi quanto suggestivi. Continuiamo ad investire on promozione sociale e solidarietà, temi in cui noi crediamo non solo a parole. Misurare i ritorni delle energie che poniamo su questi orizzonti non è il nostro scopo, quello che conta è alimentare la sensibilità che ci rende entità che vuole vedere oltre. Sempre.

We have created important large format covers for prestigious brands, making the most of extensions with an in-house high-definition digital print and coupled first and then applied on-site. PrintMateria’s good operational organisation, skilled personnel and latest technology which guarantee a supply and installation to the best working standards are its true assets.

At PrintMateria we try to perceive other opportunities, new horizons, new professional scenarios as well as evocative. We continue to invest in social promotion and solidarity, issues in which we believe in and which are not simply words. Measuring the returns of the energy we invest into the above issues is not our goal; what matters is to continue to drive the awareness that allows us to see beyond the obvious. Always.
Service is key to PrintMateria. To be present at construction sites, to solve setbacks, to propose new technologies in which we have invested, to train competent workers are values that make a difference, that are our own and that allow us to maintain a relationship with our long-standing customers.

PrintMateria’s creativity, innovation and quality are key pillars of all our projects; all details are reviewed to support the brand, to excite customers and to develop the practicality of the service and therefore to ensure that the concept of “Beauty is Useful” applies to all assignments.

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