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Polystyrene, Iron, Printing: Printmateria’s forge

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25 June 2018

Printmateria’s story is the story of a company that is always one step ahead in terms of technology and research, pioneers of new techniques and forerunners of future trends. That is why today we are a forge with several fires, on each of which bubbles a pot that contains solutions such as polystyrene, iron or printing in large format. A forge that, in addition to functional products, offers an all-round service.

From the first “fire” comes POLYSTYROL: an incredibly versatile material, excellent for creating interior and exterior furniture elements, from furniture to boiserie to theatrical sets. Its flexible and durable structure makes it ideal for creating forms which are unthinkable with other materials. Our technological park is always at the forefront: for this reason, we use a milling cutter connected to an anthropomorphic robot capable of processing polystyrene, wood and polyurethane with such precision as to reproduce reality down to every detail.

The second “fire” is the one from which we forge IRON products, a supporting element for interior and exterior furnishings; support for large size plexiglass signs backlit by LEDs, even for large sizes, for fairs and events.

The third “fire” has always been Printmateria’s pride: BIG FORMAT PRINT, born from the need to stand out from the crowd visually. We have the technology and expertise to allow architects, advertisers and companies the opportunity to breathe life into their ideas with impeccable printing and in a short time in the world of outdoor posters, 6×3 posters, interior walls, stands, showrooms, covers for renovations, pre-spaces and sheets and stickers.
We have a specific, non-polluting printer that uses water-based inks with low environmental impact, for producing wallpaper with custom graphics!
Step by step, day by day, a journey that began thirty years ago and that doesn’t seem to stop.
Under the banner of the “Beauty is Useful” philosophy.

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