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“Beauty is Useful” on stage at the Biennale Teatro with Anagoor

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23 October 2018

Printmateria’s commitment to support Art, Culture and Creativity is on-going.

Even before the intense month of August, which saw us support two important film festivals, the support kicked off with the International Theatre Festival of La Biennale in Venice. The 2018 edition opened on 20 July with the premiere of the show “ORESTEA / AGAMENNONE SCHIAVI CONVERSIO“, staged by ANAGOOR, a company from Castelfranco Veneto, directed by Simone Derai.

The project is a deep reflection on Aeschylus’ Oresteia and on the nature of man, on the origin of evil and on the fragility of good, which sees on stage a cast of thirteen actors, and is the result of numerous artistic collaborations: the sound design by Mauro Martinuz, the light design by Fabio Sajiz, the photographic direction by Giulio Favotto and many others.

The video projected in the final chapter of the trilogy, directed by Simone Derai with the photographic direction of Giulio Favotto, intertwines images of a flock sheared in slow motion, with a flow of tourists who slowly slip in front of the magnificent pediments of the Temple of Zeus preserved at Olympia, while the mechanical arm of a milling machine continues to sculpt a white polystyrene block. Courtesy of the Archaeological Museum, it was possible to scan the central statue of the Oriental Pediment, the famous Apollo with his arm outstretched in the act of stopping the fight between the Lapites and the Centaurs. The colossal statue of the god is 3.5 metres high and was entirely scanned by Favotto and Derai. Printmateria intervened by providing the mathematics of the 3D image and then the polystyrene model whose milling process was resumed within three days. The rising from the polystyrene block of the Apollo forms, in a whirlwind of white powder falling like a whirlpool of snow, is the heart of the long silent video sequence that closes the show.

At the end of the exhibition, the Biennale awarded Anagoor the Silver Lion Award in the Theatre category.
For Printmateria, it was an honour and a pleasure to collaborate in creating such a top level show that has achieved prestigious results: our “Beauty is Useful” philosophy has been fully represented.

Looks at the cutter in action and the polystyrene models.

immagine in evidenza